Friday, 18 March 2011

Final Peer Feedback

Note: Some quotes have been edited to a legible standard.

U2 -55:

1) 'Wide variety of shots such as wide shots, mid shots, long shots, establishing shots and panning shots and tilt shots. these shots were effectively used to create a dark element of suspense we would expect from a thriller.'

2) 'Lots of diegetic sound used such as screams and heavy breathing which creates a dark and unsettling mood.'

3) 'The black and white colour scheme was effective in creating the more depressing mood of the film.'

4) 'There was several fades used which worked effectively and if the shots were a bit shorter the thriller would have more of a suspense element to it.'

5) The most effective element was the camera work. '

U2 - 57:

1) 'Close up - hands touching
     Over the shoulder shot,
     Long shot of walking,

2) 'Swings squeaking - creepy,
    Dreaming character breathing - PoV.'

3) 'Deserted park and road - helpless.'

4) 'Slow motion, black and white, heavy breathing. Two clips on top of one another - swings. Foggy filter - dream effect.'

5) 'Breathing came in too suddenly, should be more gradual. Use a multitude of  breathing sound whenever the dreamer is walking.'

6) 'Swings and the squeaks.'


1) 'Variety, establishing, close up, PoV. Effective - showed the significance of obects, i.e. teddy bear.'

2) 'Creepy, eerie - worked well with the thriller genre.'

3) 'Realistic night wear. Child's cloths too 'old looking'. Man all in black worked well.'

4) 'Good fades in and out. The swinging of the swing added realism to the dream. Black and white was effective at indicating the dream environment. Slow motion used effectively.'

5) 'Girl not young enough. Sleeping in daylight.'

6) 'Editing made it a very effective production.'


1) 'Long shots,
     Close up,
     Point of View.'

2) 'Eerie music, sounds like swings. Heavy breathing. Worked well because it sounded threatening.'

3) 'Empty playground and desolate street linked into the theme and genre.'

4) 'Double vision on swings.'

5) 'The dreaming man seems too much like an antagonist - appose to a protagonist.'

6) 'The effect on the swings.'

Tuesday, 15 March 2011

Our film idea

Overall Plot
We decided to make our film project into a crime thriller sub genre. Our idea took a while to decide on and much discussion took place over what to make it about.
Our idea for our film was that our main protagonist has a dream about a young girl who he has never met before who gets stolen by a mysterious man who he has also never seen before. He follows them throughout the dream able to see everything but not able to help. He sees them holding hands and turning a corner where they go out of view. He follows behind them only to hear a scream and when he sees the young girl she has been killed. At this point the guy wakes up panting in bed and the film fades out.

Our main protagonist in the film is called Steve.
The mysterious man and young girls names and identity are not revealed at all in the entire film.

We decided to name our film 'Playground' as it goes against the view that most thriller films are named after a disorder that the protagonist has such as Insomnia etc. The name 'Playground' also went along and linked in with the young girls innocence and the setting we used.

We will film all our footage in and around a park area in a quiet area of cambridge. There is also one shot which will be filmed in Mitchell's bedroom.

Filming will take place in a open area in the daytime as this will mean we have the use of natural lighting. we also need it to be slightly dark and raining when we are filming to help create a certain eerie mood for our project. Our actual project will be completely in Black and White apart from the scenes in Mitchell's bedroom. We decided this created the look of a dream rather than having it all in colour. It also helps distinguish between real life and the dream.

protagonist - will be wearing normal casual clothing.
antagonist - will be wearing dark clothing and we won't see his face.
Girl - young children's clothes to create a sense of youth and innocence also never see her face.

We will use an original piece of music that will run through the whole of our project sequence.

Editing within 'Playground'

The editing of 'Playground' has been carried out to comply to the conforms of the genre, and covey an eerie atmosphere during the sequence. We did this through a number of aspects:
  1. Firstly, we set the pace of the shots to reflect the on-screen footage, for example, during the playground scene, we had slow transition shots. However, when the young girl was abducted, we began to reduce the shot duration, to increase the pace of the scene, and build tension.
  2. Next, we added black and white with dark edges to the shots to give a distorted dream compared to the normal everyday life of what would normally be going on this is confusing and different.
  3. Finally, we corrected the shots and sections, putting them in order, so that it made continual sense and didn't confuse the viewer.

The difference between horror and thriller conventions


  • A horror movie is often predictable and you can usually tell who is going to die next. 
  • The death happens almost immediately. 
  • The women are normally the main victims, but are also usually the only survivors .
  • If the main characters are groups they are, more often than not, killed off one by one. 
  • Horror is usually in a suburban setting.
  • The cast normally consists of younger groups.
  • Adults and authorities are often absent or unhelpful but not always.
  • Horror often contains more gore.
  • A thriller tries to get into your head.
  • They are often more psychological and cause you to think. 
  • A thriller often leaves the audience with unanswered questions.
  • There is almost always a Protagonist and an antagonist.
  • Often more mature
  • More likely to star well-known and expensive actors.
  • The answers are normally explained at the end but not always.

Marking Criteria

Video - 60 marks. 

Level one - up to 23 marks.
Level two - 24 - 35 marks. Basic ability.
Level three - 36 - 47 marks. Proficient ability.
Level four - 48 - 60 marks. Excellence ability.

    1. Where appropriate use a steady shot to avoid confusion for the audience.
    1. Framing a shot including and excluding elements.
    1. Using a variety of shot distances, angles and types.
    1. Shooting material appropriate to the task.
    1. No swearing.
    1. No young children.
    1. Selecting the mise-en-scene.
    1. Editing so that the meaning of the piece is apparent and clear to the audience.
    1. Using various shot transitions and effects to add to add emphasis where needed.
    1. Clear dialogue.
    1. Using titles appropriately - film credits, title - make it interesting and to the point. 

    Problems with the Shooting schedule

          Due to the problems we had with finding a location we had to change our shooting schedule as it was arranged for filming in Sawston. We were originally going to film at the weekend giving us the entire day to film, unfortunately a member of our group was unable to attend at this weekend so we couldn't film when intended. However, this problem was easily overcome as we simply decided to film during lessons as the location we had chosen was close enough to walk to and from with plenty of time to spare.